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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

In a Word: Dangeral Edition

Most who read this blog will probably already know that Michael Bérubé has decided to hang up his keyboard. His retirement will leave the lefty-academic blogosphere (and most of the rest of it as well) greatly diminished. It will be a long time before another blogger with Michael's combination of formiddable intelligence, boundless knowledge, sharp wit, and unsappable energy comes along.

So, in honor of his retirement from blogging, this week's "In a Word" will feature a term that Michael himself coined: dangeral. As in his official title, "Michael Bérubé, Department of Dangeral Studies."

A Trotskyite faction of cultural studies--and the new avant garde of the (ultra)liberal arts--dangeral studies is an area of scholarly inquiry indoctrination that wears its plans for leftist global domination on its elbow-patch-adorned sleeve.

До свидания, comrade Bérubé.



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