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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's Make Some More Knowledge

You may have seen the following CFP in comp/rhet/English journals recently, but in case you haven't, I'm posting it here:

We invite proposals for essays for a collection that draws on the upcoming 25th anniversary of Stephen North’s The Making of Knowledge in Composition (MKC) as an occasion to assess the discipline of composition and its future. Because MKC remains one of composition’s monumental works, we invite retrospective accounts (rhetorical and critical analyses, reception histories, reflective narratives, and other scholarly treatments) of North’s unreservedly sweeping, undoubtedly important, and undeniably controversial book.

Rather than being merely retrospective, this collection seeks works that critically re-assess such things as MKC’s influence/impact, rhetoric, aims, and values--with an eye toward using such re-assessments to comment on the present and future of composition studies. By May 2007, please attach 500 word proposals to the editors, Lance Massey ( and Richard Gebhardt (
We envision the collection containing a mix of established, up-and-coming, and brand new voices, and we welcome questions about proposals-in-process as well. We hope you'll consider submitting something.

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At 11:03 PM, Blogger Collin said...

Lance, what's your time frame on the collection? I ask because I'm planning on leading off my methods course in the fall with North's book, and actively thinking about its relevance for that kind of course.

The rub is that I probably won't be able to put together a particularly concrete abstract by May, but I expect that I could get you something much more elaborate by the end of summer.

I should probably be emailing this question rather than leaving it in a comment, but oh well. ;-)


At 8:03 AM, Blogger bdegenaro said...

This looks like a cool project. In grad school I took a research methods class with Ed White and early in the term we read North's book (which was already "dated"). Then we spent much of the term updating and problematizing North's taxonomy. You might want to contact Ed about a contribution.

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Lance said...

Collin: I'll talk to Rick and get back to you. Obviously, the 25th anniversary will be 2012, but we're hoping to get the book in under that wire. My guess is that we could accommodate a later proposal, provided we know it's coming. I'll let you know via email. Thanks for your interest.

Bill: thanks for the positive feedback as well as the tip. Indeed, we've already contacted Ed, who expressed interest in the collection.


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