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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Satire May be Dangeral to Your Health

For those of you who read (past tense) Michael Bérubé's blog more than once or twice, you know he was (and no doubt still is in his non-blog life) very fond of satire. You also know that sometimes you had to be well into a post to be certain that what you were reading even was satire. Michael rarely winked, and when he did, it was often as easy to miss as a swallowed article in his mani(a)cally fast speech.

But I'm still surprised that, lately, my blog is getting a fair number of hits from people Googling "dangeral" or "dangeral studies" (I mentioned the term in a previous post)--the area of expertise Michael listed on his blog after Horowitz's dangerous professors book came out.

Now, it might be possible that people are out there trying to find Bérubé and, having associated him with the term "dangeral," type it into Google to track him down. But, given that those people are either a) likely to already know how to find Bérubé on the web or b) simply going to use his name as the search term, I have to believe that there are people out there trying to find out more about the scholarly area of "dangeral studies."

If you're one of those people, let me settle this once and for all . . . .

On second thought, I'll never tell.

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At 10:34 AM, Blogger Matt Weiner said...

I just got here by googling "dangeral studies" because I wanted to make sure that anyone who googled "dangeral studies" got a page about Berube. How meta is that?


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