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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whattya Gonna Do?

Just as more readers are starting to drop by this embryonic blog, I have to begin the "packing- and cleaning-intensive phase" of our move to Ohio (by way of a temporary move to the Chicago suburbs). Luckily, ma-in-law is here to help with Olivia (our 3-month-old daughter). Still, blogging will be light, and when I manage an entry, it will be short and sweet. I'll try to make it interesting, or at least quirky, but there will likely be no developed (or semi-developed) ruminations on pomo, disciplinarity, writing, or driving in the South.

So, here's my quirky observation for the time being: it's a truism to say that, as most people age, they acquire more stuff. But it's not just "stuff." It's "breakable stuff." Packing anxiety, it turns out, is directly proportional to age.

Edited to add: I'm done wrapping/packing/taping/spackling/etc. for the day and am sitting down with a nice Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (I'm not one of those, if it's a microbrew, it's automatically better types, but SNPA is quite good for the price). As I take a little time to re-read this entry, I now realize why I normally devote at least a few minutes to going back over my posts before publishing them. Quirky? Who am I, Jiminy Glick?


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Cynthia in NW Arkansas said...

Hi Lance----
I enjoyed your post today...and agree completely with your quote "packing anxiety is directly proportional to age"! lol I got a good giggle from that truth!
Good luck!

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Lance said...

Thanks, Cyn! I'll try to keep the giggles coming.


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