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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

While We're on the Subject

After I put up the previous post (first in over a month), I saw Andy's comment back in November admonishing me to "feed the blog."

Well, Andy, if you must know, the blog went on a hunger strike to protest the playing of Christmas songs and the having of Christmas parades long before Thanksgiving. I mean, Thanksgiving has its own vibe--earthy and crisp and vaguely russet-colored--and you sure can't groove on yams and crisp-fried sage with the man in red breathing down your chimney neck.

But this blog has finally realized the futility of railing against overhasty noëlling. It's death, taxes, and the extended Christmas shopping season, after all. So I guess the time's come to nurse this little weblog back to health.

I'll start with a few questions:

Back in August, I posted an entry explaining how I tend to blog in spurts and am only good at regular or semi-regular posting during the semester. Am I a "type," I wonder? Is there a name for feast-or-famine bloggers? Is spurty blogging looked down upon by more regular bloggers? Does a blogger have a responsibility to her faithful readers (not sure I ever had any, which is why this question is hypothetical) to post at least semi-regularly? Or is it just about the law of the market--no posts = no readers?

Pain in the . . .

I hope everybody is having a nice holiday season. We had a small family Christmas--just Lee, Olivia, and me here in Bowling Green. Very nice.

We were supposed to be doing the family circuit: in-laws at Hilton Head first, followed by my family in MO. But, as fate would have it, I tweaked my back about a week before we were to leave, and the resulting (and very painful) spasm kept us from travelling.

So, a couple weeks and a few pills later here I am; this is the first time I've made it to my office in a while. It's nice to be back in the outside world and actually getting work/research done again.